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Gunnar Fors Artist

Hello! My name is Gunnar and Im studying game graphics here at PSQ. I have already studied 3 years at Luleå university in Campus Skellefteå with computer graphics with game graphics as major, but I felt that their education was not enough for me so I applied to study here and I feel that it was a great choice. I love challenges and for every project Im always trying to push myself to learn and perform better than the last project.

I did my exam-job at resolution in Umeå for 10 weeks but I was unfortunatly sick for 2 weeks with a very bad flue. But the remaining weeks I created the Oak soul eater for their game Furiae.

When Im not at school working, Im almost always home working with home projects. I will post some pics after I finish them.

visit my awsome homepage www.Gunnarfors.com


Skola PlaygroundSquad Falun SE - 2008 E-post Gfors85@hotmail.com
Hemsida http://www.gunnarfors.com/ IM

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Operation Borealis RTT PlaygroundSquad Falun SE 2008 3
Time Of Vengeance Hack n' Slash PlaygroundSquad Falun SE 2008 1
Words of Power Action Tactics PlaygroundSquad Falun SE 2008 2
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