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Sebastian Emanuelsson Artist

Hello, I am Sebastian Emanuelsson. An aspiring enviromental graphics artist.

I have been part of a smaller game project, where our production name was "Dead snowman productions". Here is a teaser for our game; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wQT3DACBGU&feature=youtu.be

My second student project I participated in was Do not stop the doughnut:


I intend to learn the graphical aspects of making electronical games in first hand. I love games and the trades of experience which is inevitable when people play games together!


Skola PlaygroundSquad Falun SE - 2011 E-post basse_phoenix @hotmail.com
Hemsida IM

Namn Genre Skola År Termin
Animal Cruelty MP Platform Shooter PlaygroundSquad Falun SE 2011 1
Do Not Stop The Doughnut Rail Platform PlaygroundSquad Falun SE 2011 2
Hassle Jam Poems PS Vita - Tower Defence PlaygroundSquad Falun SE 2011 3
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