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Daniel Anehem Programmer

Hi there!

My name is Daniel and I'm a programmer who's currently undergoing a game development education here at Playground Squad, Falun.

If you want to know more about me and check out the projects that I've participated in, feel free to visit my website / portfolio.

Skola PlaygroundSquad Falun SE - 2012 E-post Danielane85@hotmail.com
Hemsida http://danielane85.wix.com/daniel-portfolio IM

Namn Genre Skola År Termin
Bomb Farmers Arcade PlaygroundSquad Falun SE 2012 1
Colosseum 3rd person PvP PlaygroundSquad Falun SE 2012 2
Miner's Delight Party Puzzle PlaygroundSquad Falun SE 2012 3
info@playgroundsquad.com | +46 (0)23 298 55