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Artemis Conflict

A game project developed at Pelitalo/PlaygroundSquad in Outokumpu, Finland.

Artemis Conflict is fast paced FPS set into the distant future with a hint of scifi element.
Fight against dozens of enemies at the same time, enjoy the futuristic feel of the scenery and rave to the superb soundtrack.

In the year 2150 resources are running low and two factions, UEN (United Earth Nations) and UCW (Unified Colonized Worlds) are competing over them. You are part of the UENs special team wich is sent to investigate nearby mining facility controlled by a hostile faction.
On the way down, your shuttle is damaged by enemy fire and it crashes down.

As a lone survivor you must complete the mission, whatever it takes.


Nimi Suunta Koulu Vuosi
Jari Kantomaa Programmer PlaygroundSquad Outokumpu FI 2006
info@playgroundsquad.com | +46 (0)23 298 55