Students working together

PlaygroundSquad is a higher vocational education where students are put in the fastlane towards the game industry. We help our students acquire the correct knowledge to kickstart their career across two years.


We are practical in everything we do, and value a "learn by doing" approach highly. We push your knowledge further by continuously moving from "learner courses" where the aim is to get your skills up to par as quickly as possible, to even more practical learning by allowing you to put your newfound knowledge to the test in game projects together with other students.

Our teachers are always available to help and advise students, sharing their own knowledge gained through previous work in the games industry. They are always on-site and never farther away than an instant message. We believe that continuous feedback is crucial to allow your knowledge to truly blossom, and we also know that unexpected things happen, so we're always on-hand.


Our three disciplines - artist, designer, and programmer - cover the majority of positions within the industry. This allows students to work together during our three game projects in a manner that is very much like an actual game production.


PlaygroundSquad is a higher vocational education (yrkeshögskola), as designated by Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education


(MYH). We are the result of the real needs of the labor market and our goal is getting students into employment as soon as possible. Our advisory board and the games industry itself is what dictactes our curriculum, assuring that students are equipped with the correct knowledge to get a job as quickly as possible. We accept 35 applicants yearly.

The education comprises 400 HVE-credits (YH-poäng). Upon graduation, you will receive a Higher Vocational Education Diploma.