Advisory board

Our advisory board of industry experts helps us bring desired competence to fruition, guiding us in adapting and developing our curriculum to fit the latest needs.


The advisory board plays a critical role as it represents the games industry itself. It is the most important way for companies and employers to voice their opinions and express their future needs, so the education can be tailored to maximize the prospects for new graduates. Aside from their strategic role, the advisory board also has final say if a student is allowed to begin the education and to approve their graduation.


The PlaygroundSquad advisory board consists of leading companies from the games industry. Due to the education being a Higher Vocational Education (kvalificerad yrkeshögskoleutbildning), it also houses seats from Dalarna University and the municipal education unit.

Avalanche Studios Dalarna University DICE Falu kommun Goodbye Kansas King Machine Games Megafront Rovio Stiftelsen Teknikdalen

Our members are:

  • Avalanche Studios
  • Dalarna University
  • DICE
  • Falu Kommun
  • King
  • Machine Games
  • Megafront
  • Rovio
  • Dalarna Science Park

Student influence

Every cohort at PlaygroundSquad also has a student seat on the advisory board to represent themselves.