With a focus on practical learning, the programming courses at PlaygroundSquad are carefully constructed to get you into a real production as soon as possible.

Term 1

Technical 3D Graphics

Introducing students to basic 3D modeling, terminology and scripting.

Mathematics in games

Laying a strong foundation for future learning and 3D programming, you are taught the basics of linear algebra. Matrices, vectors, and transformations thereof are all covered, and there's also some practical C++ tasks sprinkled atop this doughnut of math.

Game programming introduction

The basics of programming itself are covered here, giving any student not accustomed to C++ before a chance to catch up while also covering common ways to solve problems in code.

Game programming 1

Our three game programming courses make up the bulk of the programming curriculum, and the first one will teach you the very basics. Starting you off by letting you render your very first polygon in 3D, the course quickly progresses to cover techniques such as input, lighting, collision, animation, sound, and more.

Game project 1

Your first game project! As a programmer, you will familiarize yourself with the PlaygroundSquad build pipeline and various tools to help you during a game production, like source control and code review. This will also be the first time you actively work together with other disciplines. The first game project is usually created exclusively for the PC.

Ethics and morals in games

With two seminars and a written assignment, you will talk about emerging issues in games and the various morality choices you may encounter during your career.

Term 2

Game programming 2

Building on the previous programming course, this moves on to more advanced topics like console programming, concurrent programming, artificial intelligence, shaders, and much more.

Game project 2

Your second game project. This is usually when programmers make their first multi-platform game, working on both PC and a PlayStation platform.

Term 3

Game programming 3

The pinnacle of programming courses taught at PlaygroundSquad. Before your final game project, students are taught how to implement physics, networking, advanced rendering techniques, and more ways to structure a game engine.

Game project 3 (graduation project)

Your third and last game project, which is also your graduation course before moving on to your internship. Make it count!


The remainder of your education is spent at a games studio as part of your internship, starting in November and continuing until your graduation.