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PSQ Alumni: KNUT-ASBJORN ANDERSEN ø artist student -18

Uppdaterat: 2 aug. 2023

· Where do you work right now and with what? Right now, I am working for Zoink Games in Gothenburg as a VFX artist.

· You’re a PSQ Alumni, did you enjoy your time at PlaygroundSquad? Had a lot of fun at PSQ in Falun, it was quite the experience the one and a half year I was there!

· Do you miss PSQ? (we miss you!) Well I do miss stay up late with classmates while working on our projects at school.

· What was the best thing about PSQ in your opinion? The things I miss the most is my friends and the work environment that we had at PSQ.

· Did PSQ prepare you well for working in the Game Industry? I feel like the group game projects at PSQ helped me the most, so when I went out into the industry I already had a good foundation how to work with in a team.

· Would you recommend others to study at PSQ? I would recommend it to people back home in Norway that want to become game developers. The YH school works a lot better than the bachelor study since you get a more hands on education.

· To everyone thinking of a career within Game Development, do you have any tips or do’s and don’ts for them? (what would you have said to your younger pre-PSQ self?) Set a work routine and stick to it, burning yourself out is very real with this kind of work. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, getting some fresh eyes on your work might be just what you need.

Thank you, Knut-Asbjorn for your time!

Lots of love from us at PSQ💛🖤

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