Metropolis Mayhem

Guns don't kill people; physics do

Metropolis Mayhem is a competitive First-person Shooter for the Playstation 4, where the goal is to wrangle your opponents off the level using physic-based weapons. It is played locally with 2-4 players in split screen. 

The game is set in a neon-lit district of a sci-fi megalopolis, where at sunset, wild Pulse Battles take place between a bunch of mysterious and bold mercenaries.

Use your Pulse Rifle to either push or pull your opponent off the level to gain points; utilise Pulse Grenades, jump-pads and an instakill power-up to control the city and dominate your enemies!

Team Bottleneck Interactive

Metropolis Mayhem was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2016: