Lost Light

Your past will follow you to the ends of the world...

Lost Light is a first-person psychological horror game with puzzle elements. The game strives to create an unsettling and isolated atmosphere as the Player slowly discovers the tragic past of the main character.
The game was developed over the course of 9 weeks in the Unity engine.

The year is 2045.
Paul Isaksson is a researcher who works alone on a space station located above an unknown planet. His job is to analyze samples taken from the planet's surface and make sure that the station is maintained properly.

But the isolation and loneliness is slowly taking its toll on him, and strange things start happening on the station.
Such as the sudden appearance of ghosts. Ghosts of his past that he fled from, and that he swore that he left on Earth...

Is the station haunted? Or is Paul going insane?

Team Crisp

Lost Light was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2016: