Blade Bombers

Let's have a blast!

Blade Bombers is a fast-paced sports game for the PS4.

Imagine a team-based game of air hockey with rocket launchers - That's what Blade Bombers is all about!
It's the finals in the annual Bomber League Tournament, the most exciting event of the year. This year, the two teams competing for the trophy and the glory are bitter rivals:
The Shanghai Sharks, the lurking threat of the Chinese coast!
The Mumbai Tigers, the predators of the Indian jungle!

Pick your side and challenge your friends to a hectic game full of bomb-blasting fun!
Send the puck careening across the arena with bullets and detonate your ammo on command! Make as many goals as possible before time runs out and prove that you and your partner are the true Blade Bomber Champions!

Team Faceplant Entertainment

Blade Bombers was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2016: