Christoffer Ryrvall

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2018

Hi there, and thanks for checking my profile!

My name is Christoffer, I am 19 years old student at playgroundsquad from Nyköping,Sweden.

Prior to joining this education I was unsure of what I desired to become in life and began by studying for a role as technician at Gripenskolan. With time I began growing a stronger interest of games until I eventually decided to scrape up what pieces of a portfolio I had as to later get approved.

As for goals, I hope to join the industry as a prop artist focusing more towards realistic artstyle with less organic props if possible.

Im happy to recieve any and all offers, travel or not has little impact on me.

Just send me a mail with the details and I'd be happy to reply as soon as i can.

If you wish to contact me because of any other reasons like providing feedback, questions or just to chat feel free to do so.

Until you click this page again, farewell! 

On my freetime i enjoy playing games or improving my skill as an artist. I mainly like openworld games but also shooters and strategic gameplay.