Elisabeth Jönsson

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2018

Hi! My portfolio is under construction right now so please check me out on Sketchfab to see some of my most recent work 


A little about me: 

During my remaining time at PlaygroundSquad I´m planing to specialize in Environment art/prop art. I tend to focus a lot on modelling, composition, lightning and texturing.

Right now I work mostly in Maya, Zbrush, Substance painter and Photoshop. During the summer I´m planning to study Substance Designer and Unreal Engine.

Before PlaygroundSquad I studied a year at a preparatory school in Art, Design & architecture. I came to this school with a 2D background, painted a lot both digitally and traditionally. I have years of experience in Photoshop and experimented with different art styles, subjects and mediums.