Josefin Martinsson

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2018

Good *insert time of day*! 

I am the one known as Josse occasionally Jossan. 

Why did you choose to study Game Design? 

You see, through my childhood I loved to come up with stories, plays and games, which I allowed (forced)  friends and family to participate in. Since I never grew up, this is what I have kept doing during my 26 years of existence.

Any other experiences?

I have prior to PSQ, studied communication, writing and art. However, somewhere along the line, I realized that among all creative medium, GAMES is the one for me. I fell in love with how they allow the audience to not only observe but participate in a wide variety of experiences. 

Are you the person we are looking for?

Well yes, yes I am! If you want an Intern with passion, well here she is. I am prepared and ready to learn how to use exciting gameplay and a roller-coaster ride (with plenty of loops) of a narrative; to give players experiences, like those which inspired me, to dare venture into the gaming industry. 


Project 1 - Mountain Brawl

My tasks during the project consisted of:

  • Game Design 
  • Project Management
  • Gameplay Design
  • UI Design 

Project 2 - Trial of Odin

During the second project I mainly worked with the following tasks:

  • Game Design
  • Gameplay Design
  • Puzzle Design
  • Level Design