Hannes Penndorf Ronsten

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2015


Designer 2015

I am a Game Designer who think, talk, design and learn with passion in my heart. My passion comes from the many games I play on my free time, most of them are often story driven games that combine a deep lore and/or extensive world, with an immersive game-play that makes me part of the game. 

When designing games I like to dive right into anything related to narrativestory, setting, characters and lore. I also enjoy to work and come up with game mechanics that helps the player feel connected to the game, all so that the player can get the best experience while playing.    

I also have a great interest in level design, whether it be making levels designed for competitive use, or levels designed to emerge players into the world with rich meaning and history. 

Other than playing games I also enjoy to larping, since it gives me inspirations, ideas and a close feeling to what it means to walk in a real designed and created world.