Knut-Asbjørn Andersen

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2018

Hello, My name is Knut-Asbjørn Andersen.
I am a 26 year old guy currently studying 3D Game artist at Playgroundsquad in Falun.
Before moving to Sweden I  studied illustration in Oslo and worked as a freelance illustrator.

I like to work on characters and props.
Especially doing sculpting and retopology.
Coming from an art background I liked to do handpainted textures, but now I am branching out and learning PBR.

Mountain Brawl
On our first game project I got to work on the dwarf body model,animation rig and painting the VFX. 
Did the textures for the dwarf body and most of the beards and some of the animations. 
I even got to make two of the hammers at the end of the project when I did not have many other things to do.