Mikael Groth

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2010


Hello there!

As you may have noticed when you browsed into this page, my name is Mikael Groth. A game programmer by the age of 21.


About me:

My passion for games has been there ever since I can remember. We had both a computer and a console back in the early/mid 90:s, which I occupied when there weren't any friends around to play with.

I ended up at PlaygroundSquad after nine years of Elementary School and three High School years, where I studied Technical Education. Always with the dream of becoming a game developer.

As soon as we started with Basic Programming in the Technical Education I realized it was my favourite subject. I also came to the conclusion that it was my way of making games. Programming was so much fun, and have become even more so. The more I learn, the more fun it gets!




The games, and the functionalities I have worked on:


Event Horizon

-Asteroid, Mineral, Planet Managers

-Main Character and all his abilities




-Splash Screens

-Particle Effects

-Collisions with some tweaks by Rasmus Jarl

-Fake Instancing, used by Particles and Asteroids (not instanced with shader, just rendering same object at multiple spots)

-Changed to 3D ortho camera



Captain Herberos

-Water shader (transparent with reflections, not refractions)

-Instancing (correctly used with an instance buffer)

-Particle Effects

-Mr. Broadside and Mr. Artillery AI

-Crew, Magic, Projectile, Object, Loading and Enemy Managers

-Pathfinding for the AI

-Level Editor

-Collision Manager

-Function Pointers handling the game states, eg. menu and in-game



God of Rhythm

-Grey-scale Shader

-Implementation of FMOD

-Level Editor (Edited Herberos)

TBC, I hope



Addtional knowledge:

-Water with reflections and refractions

-Depth of Field





-Const Correctness