Rasmus Jarl

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2010

Check out http://razedux.name for more information.

Event horizon

Me and Mikael Groth (Programmer) decided to work in different parts of the game finish feature by feature.

Due to redesigning the game play in the end of second week we cut the work I had done up until then and the closer we got to the end we the more features we dropped because they didn't bring anything to the game and were mainly in the way (no it doesn't sadden me).

In final release I was directly behind includes:

The circle collision that optimised overall collision check (on collision it checked again against the space ship mesh).

The background objects adding a depth to the space.



As previous school project me and Albin (programmer) divided the work and I took on the game play.

In final release I was directly behind includes:

The pathfinding algorithms:
as movement path finding, chosen due to the game's turn based nature. Also used for area of effect.
Best first as known target projectile path collision check.

Added configurable variables via .ini files for all unit types.

Ability and buff systems, generic way of describing each ability and buff while separate repeating elements.

Added each ability.

Added sound, animation and game events.