Sanna Ylvén

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2015

About Me

Way back, when I was a kid that still moved my head to look around corners in GoldenEye 007, I fell in love with games. Since then my love have grown into a professional, not just personal, passion.

The things that I have the most interest in is level design, scripting and UI design. When it comes to the games that I like there is no real genre that’s my favorite. I like everything from Walking Simulators to RTS:s. That follows me when I design, I like to try designing different genres and see how I can make them fun.

In the core of my being I’m logical and fair. When I design a game this is a big guiding light. I know myself that I sometime can feel completely beaten by an unfair game. There is a difference between hard and unfair, and I think that is very important to remember when you design a game.

Otherwise I am a happy (often called weird) person who loves everything nerdy. Books, tv-series, movies, tabletop games, you name it, I like them all. My other two big loves (excluding my boyfriend) is chocolate and dogs. Two things that can make anyone feel like the most loved person ever!

Project 1: Color Clash

Color Clash is a 4-player team-based racing game for PC.

The goal is to be on the team with the most points as the last player crosses the finishing line.

My responsibilities during this project was project management, HUD design, level design, tweaking and being a part of designing the gameplay elements.

Project 2: Hexbreak

Hexbreak is a multiplayer brawler for the Ps4.

The goal is to be the last survivor on the field by using their magnificent air-canons to push each other off the edge to certain death.

During this project my responsibilities was being a part of designing the gameplay elements, scripting, HUD design, tweaking and project management.

Project 3: Dofna

Dofna is a first person, single-player, vertical slice for the Ps4.

The game is inspired by walking simulators, with a focus on atmosphere, story and puzzle elements. The goal of the game was to find a way forward by looking for notes and solving puzzles.

I wrote the story for the game and created all the narrative elements, that then were implemented by the artists. I was also a part of designing the gameplay, the level design and menu design. In this project I was also in charge of FMOD and the implementation and creation of sound. 

My Skills

Game Design
  • Level Design
  • UI Design
  • Gameplay Design
  • QA
Project Management
  • Planning
  • Python
  • Lua
Group Management
  • Have an easy time getting along with other people
  • (Been told my chocolate chip cookies are a bit too addictive.)

Software Experience

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Autodesk Maya