Sebastian Kylander

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2015

I'm a programmer with interests in gameplay and software programming.

Legendary Crafter

Our first game project.

My additions were mostly gameplay centric. I implemented the 2D rendering, core gameplay mechanics and the level editor.

Core Gameplay

One of our most important gameplay mechanics was the combat system. All characters shared an animation-based attack pattern and the player had a variety of weapons, all differing in range, speed and damage. All components were extracted into setting files for the the designers to tweak.

Critter Conflict

Our second game project.

I programmed the development systems such as the entity editor and our particle editor. In parallel, I also implemented the entities and particles themselves.

Entity Editor

The entity editor was established for our designers to easily implement new enemies or props with their corresponding behavior.

Particle Editor

The purpose of a particle editor was for our graphics artists to visually edit the in-game particle effects without hassling with unresponsive text files. It accelerated the overall quantity and quality of our particles.


Our third game

My duty was to write and maintain an internal world editor to help with designing the game environment. It turned out to be of great use since the world was redesigned multiple times during the project.

Additionally, I wrote and was held responsible for the shared library we used between all the projects. We needed to be able to run simulations in the editor, and they had to produce the same behavior as in the game.