Viktor Uppman

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2017


I'm Viktor, a Game Design student heralding from Gävle, Sweden. I've always had a passion for gaming, starting when I was five. My dad and I would play classics such as Diablo 2 and Duke Nukem together.

I've always been interested in how games are made. I like to analyze them, see what design decisions the developers have made – and how they influence the game.

At age 10 (in 2006, to be precise) I started playing a game called World of Warcraft. This was when my interest in Game Design truly sparked, and it is a big part of why I am now pursuing a career in Game Design.

In Game Design, I am mainly interested in Encounter and Gameplay Design. That is to say that I want to make people angry when they can't kill my bosses, and make incredibly unforgiving game mechanics.