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Show your awesomeness

The kind of work samples you should submit depends on which education you wish to apply for.

Read more below for each course.


For you who want to visualize the future in gaming

You will need to demonstrate any or all of the following:


  • Skills in traditional art or media.
    An artistic background means that you know how to paint, sculpt, or design and have an understanding of perspective, value, form, function, color, lighting, composition, etc.

  • Technical knowledge in graphics-related software.
    This might manifest itself as a thorough understanding of a 3D application such as Maya, 3D Studio Max or Blender. Prior experience scripting or modding games and 3D software is also meriting.


Please take pictures or scan your work if you have analogue work samples like sculptures, photos, or paintings.


For you who want to shape the Gameplay experience

There are two required tasks which you have to perform as part of your work samples:


  1. Analyze gameplay in a game.
    Choose a game to write about and explain how the gameplay elements affect the rest of the design such as levels, characters, and story.


  2. Create a game concept.
    Create your own game concept based on a specific game mechanic. In this case, there are three different ones to choose from, these are:


  • Water physics. Create a game concept where the physics surrounding water behavior (movement, density, floating/sinking, etc) is a core mechanic. This means that it is vital for the games' core gameplay. Focus on explaining this mechanic in detail.

  • Manipulate time. Create a game concept where the core mechanic is that the player can, in some way manipulate/control time. What you can do and how it works is up to you. However, the time manipulation/control must be a part of the games core gameplay. Focus on explaining this mechanic in detail.

  • Rewarding exploration. Create a game concept where exploration and the system to reward players for exploration is the most vital part of the game experience. How does the game encourage exploration and reward the players for doing it? Where is the risk/reward? Focus on explaining this mechanic in detail.

Optionally, you may also provide samples of your previous work such as modding, scripting, writing (short stories, character portraits, RPG-related design), and similar design documents.


For you who want to fuel the engine of the journey

You will need prior knowledge in C, C++, Java, or C#. Knowledge of object-oriented or graphical programming is meriting.

Your work samples should contain source code and executable files, as well as a description of your items. The files you submit can be anything - graphical applications, small games, utilities, or scripts.

You may also provide any other relevant material such as applications, scripts, or mods written in other languages. Written material such as technical papers and presentations are also accepted.

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