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Students are assigned a fixed computer of their own on their first day that PlaygroundSquad provides, which comes pre-equipped with all the hardware and software you may need to get started. Students may further personalize their system by installing any applications they themselves wish to use, or bring in extra peripherals (a drawing tablet or another monitor are popular options) where they see fit.



Development tools

Depending on what kind of person you are (or rather what discipline you study, but hey, we don't judge) you will likely use one combination or another of these programs we provide to students:

  • Artists and designers are being given Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Mudbox and MotionBuilder along with Adobe CS5.

  • Programmers are given Visual Studio and the latest version of Visual Assist X to supercharge their development.

That being said, all disciplines have access to all of the above software. It is not unusual that students dabble in a bit of everything.


To help make student games more awesome in less time, the use of middleware is an important part of our education. We are happy to work with leading software companies and provide these to our students.

Some of the middleware in use at PlaygroundSquad includes:

  • FMOD Studio to make games sound beautiful.

  • Havok for a solid physics implementation.


Students are provided and educated in the use of our own powerful 3D middleware TenGine, with extensive platform support.

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