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For girls, non-binary, and transpersons
between 13 and 17 years old

Hey there!

We've thought a lot about how uncool it is that the gaming industry is so male-dominated. We know that it's not just guys who like games. The statistics show that only 26.5% of those who apply to our game development education here at PSQ define themselves as something other than male, and apparently, that's a good number if you look worldwide?! The representation of educational institutions and gaming companies around the world looks much worse.

We want to try to break that trend!

That's why we're happy to be able to offer a summer camp for you who may have missed the fact that YOU can work within the gaming industry. Maybe you haven't ventured here before or haven't been told that you can actually create the games that you love to play. Regardless of the reason, you, as a girl, transgender, or non-binary, are welcome to our Game Dev Camp, filled with game development, talk, hanging out, inspiration, and, of course, GAMES!



In order to change the gender distribution in the games industry, we need to work long-term, which means inspiring girls, trans and non-binary people to become game developers already at an early age.

PSQ's SPELKOLLO is a good example of an initiative that does just this by offering these young people a safe space to test game development and meet positive role models.


Innovation manager and founder of DONNA

Mentioned in Game Developer Index 2023

Our Game Dev Camp is mentioned as an equality initiative in the Swedish Dataspelsbranschen's  Game Developer Index 2023, we are very proud and happy about that! 

Do you want to participate in our Summer Camp?

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Support the camp!

Make it possible for young people to discover the gaming industry and support our gender equality initiative. Together, we make the gaming industry more inclusive.

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