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Animated cottage at night time, created by PSQ Game Artist student, Kim Eklund


Our advisory board of industry experts helps us bring desired competence to fruition, guiding us in adapting and developing our curriculum to fit the latest needs.

The advisory board plays a critical role as it represents the games industry itself. It is the most important way for companies and employers to voice their opinions and express their future needs, so the education can be tailored to maximize the prospects for new graduates. Aside from their strategic role, the advisory board also has final say if a student is allowed to begin the education and to approve their graduation.



The PlaygroundSquad advisory board consists of leading companies from the games industry. Due to the education being a Higher Vocational Education (kvalificerad yrkeshögskoleutbildning), it also houses seats from Dalarna University and the municipal education unit.

Dalarna Science Park logo

Dalarna Science Park

Dalarna Science Park is an innovation arena that supports the development of people and business that has potential and the will of growing. Dalarna Science Park has worked with innovation and entrepreneurship since 1987.

Amplifier Game Invest

Amplifier invests in game studios, developers, and their designs to support them in becoming creatively and financially successful by producing great game experiences. They want to create the most attractive home for passionate game developers and their studios, empowering their aspirations and creativity for sustainable, long-term success.

Machine Games logo

Machine Games

MachineGames was founded 2009 by the people of Starbreeze Studios. Machine Games is located in Uppsala, Sweden and consists of a group experienced and skilled people, known for their story-driven gameplay.


Megafront provides Scandinavian studios and businesses with VFX software from Autodesk, Pixar, Adobe, etc. Megafront was founded 1999 and has customers like Fast Travel Games, Important Looking Pirates & Goodbye Kansas.

Megafront Logo
King studio logo


King was founded 2003 and has created over 200 titles for mobile platforms like Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue & Bubble Witch. King has 272 millions monthly users (from Q1, 2019) on their web-, social- and mobile platforms.

The Gang

The Gang is a developer studio with a mission to make brands matter in the metaverse. They specialize in creating and launching bespoke games and immersive digital experiences for the world’s biggest and most innovative brands, with expertise spanning Fortnite, Roblox, and beyond. Since its founding in 2019, they have built more branded metaverse experiences than any other company.



DICE logo

DICE was founded in 1992 and created Pinball Dreams was was a big hit back then. Now, DICE is one of the worlds biggest gaming studios and has created and developed titles like Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefield and Mirror's Edge. DICE Head Quarters is located at Södermalm in Stockholm.

Dimfrost Studios

It all began when four university students dreamed of creating their gaming studio. Starting in 2017 as a small but passionate team, they released their first game, “A Writer and His Daughter”, the same year. Since then, they have released their second title, “Bramble: The Mountain King”. 


Eat Create Sleep

Eat Create Sleep is a game studio situated in the medieval town of Visby, Sweden. Their focus is on innovative gameplay experiences with a lot of heart and meaningful themes. The studio asks tough questions with their games and lets the player explore the answers.

Falu Kommun

Falun is a municipality, located in the heart of Dalarna. Falun was named Culture Municipality of the Year 2015 by the magazine Vision. Falun has a vibrant city center with more than 200 shops, two malls, cafes, restaurants and wide range of lovely outdoor restaurants.

Falu kommun logo
PSQ students hanging out, snacking

Student influence

Every cohort at PlaygroundSquad also has a student seat on the advisory board to represent themselves.

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