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Create your future at PSQ

Each year, we accept a new cohort of students consisting of roughly 40 Artists, Designers, and Programmers.

Every discipline studies dedicated courses to develop their skills further, but they all come together in three different game projects where students co-operate and develop a game from scratch. Plus, this allows students to experience what it is like to work together with those other two disciplines.

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Create the visuals of the game

As a game artist you will learn how to model and texture worlds and characters for games using industry standard 3D tools. Bring your characters to life using animation or motion capture techniques, and utilize lighting, shading and effects in modern game engines.

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Shape the Gameplay experience!

The game design discipline will teach you how to kick start your game ideas: methods and models to help spark creativity and create gameplay. You will start with the basics of game design such as prototyping your game ideas and communicating vision, and move on to more advanced ways to create interesting game worlds, maintaining balance, and implementing innovative game mechanics.

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Fuel the engine of the journey

Programmers learn various aspects of game programming with most work done in C++. The programmer curriculum produces T-shaped graduates - generalist programmers with specialized skills in a subject or two that they're passionate about.

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Game Projects

An often highly anticipated portion of the education is whenever a game project is right around the corner. Three game projects teach students the ins and outs of working in a real production group.


During your time at PSQ you get together with your classmates and create three games from scratch in cross-discipline teams where Designers, Artists, and Programmers work together. 

Students testing their game


Even though Artist, Programmers and Designer students have courses of their own it happens from time to time that the students have common courses. This gives them good experience with working in teams, problem-solving and share ideas - off course with professional game developers as their tutors throughout the education.

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When you've been accepted as a student to PSQ, you're eligible to apply for student housing at Kopparstaden in Falun, providing you with an affordable place to stay during your studies. 


We recommend prospective students to register in the housing queue to start racking up queue points. This improves your chances of landing the apartment you would truly like, and allows you to have one-up on everybody else.

A hand holding a PlayStation DualShock Controller


PlaygroundSquad is proud to be part of SCEE's leading academic development program, granting students exclusive access to their range of PlayStation development kits.


6 months at a real studio

Kickstart your career

Your final six months at PlaygroundSquad consists of an internship at a game development studio, in Sweden or abroad. At the studio you will become part of a development team working on live commercial projects, applying the skills you have learned in school and experiencing professional game development first-hand.

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People sitting at their desks with their computers


In order to produce professional results, our students need professional equipment, as closely matched to the games industry as possible.
So we fixed just that for them.

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The kind of work samples you should submit depends on which job role you wish to apply for. 


After that you've send in your work samples we will reach out to you if we think that you're PSQ material! We will then contact you for an interview.


After the interviews, it takes about 1 or 2 weeks before we contact and inform you wether you've been accepted or not.

Want to know more about the application process?

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