PSQ students on Internship


All students at PlaygroundSquad enter into a six month internship at a real life game studio, learning the nitty gritty of game development from the pros.

Your final six months at PlaygroundSquad consists of an internship at a game development studio, in Sweden or abroad. At the studio you will become part of a development team working on live commercial projects, applying the skills you have learned in school and experiencing professional game development first-hand.

PSQ students on Internship

Kickstart your career 

The courses at PlaygroundSquad will teach you skills and theoretical knowledge in your field of choice, and the game projects will teach you how to collaborate with teammates across disciplines, but your internship is where the magic truly happens. This is what everything has been leading up to - as an intern you will get a true taste of game development in a professional setting, making the final transition from student to professional game developer yourself.

The internship acts as a terrific stepping stone for your future career as a game developer - many students secure a job during their internships and stay at their studios after graduation, while others use their newfound skills and ever-growing network of contacts to find a new home at one of Sweden's many game companies. When all is said and done, more than 80% of our graduates are working in the game industry within six months after graduating.

Freedom to choose

We at PlaygroundSquad help facilitate contacts between students and industry professionals in various ways, but ultimately you as a student have more control over your fate than you might think.


All throughout your time at PlaygroundSquad, you will have the freedom to develop and focus on the skills and areas of expertise you wish to build your career on, and you'll be able to build up a body of work and a portfolio to show off your particular brand of awesome. Demonstrate the right style, skills, and sensibilities in your portfolio, and who knows - you might just land that internship of your dreams at your favourite studio.