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We take great pride in our dedicated and experienced on-site staff. Our supervisors hold lectures, but are also available for guidance, career advice, or hands-on help - five days a week.

One of the benefits you will be able to enjoy while studying at PlaygroundSquad is unrivaled access to our team of knowledgeable and experienced supervisors. Supervisors at PlaygroundSquad act as teachers, mentors, and coaches and will follow you closely on your entire journey with us - from application to graduation.

In addition to holding lectures, our supervisors are available on-site and provide constructive feedback on your work on a daily basis. If you ever get stuck trying to solve a problem or just need someone to bounce ideas off of, our supervisors are accessible throughout the work week and can easily be reached with a simple message via our internal IM system.

_DSC0098 (1).png

Martin Henriksson

Education Manager,  Artist Supervisor & Mr.PSQ


Nicklas Evaldsson

Program Supervisor
& True Brogrammer


Fanny Eriksson 

Design Supervisor
& Clue Shredder


Josef Axner

Lead Artist
& 3D Evangelist


Patrik Hillerström

Supervisor, Partnership Manager & Friend keeper


Tomas Jakobsson

CTO & Professional Technology Manipulator

Hannes_crop (1).jpg

Hannes Löwenberg

Technical Support
& Fixer of Things


Emma Tranevik

Head of Marketing
& Digital Dynamo


Mats Persson

Creative Director
& Dream Alchemist


Petra Hillbom

& Detective


Emma Bryggar Wikström

& Lady of House PSQ


Pia Sundberg

CFO, HR Manager
& Queen of Coins & Humans


Magnus Björkman

CEO, Founder
& Sith Lord

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