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We take great pride in our dedicated and experienced on-site staff. Our supervisors hold lectures, but are also available for guidance, career advice, or hands-on help - five days a week.

One of the benefits you will be able to enjoy while studying at PlaygroundSquad is unrivalled access to our team of knowledgeable and experienced supervisors. Supervisors at PlaygroundSquad act as teachers, mentors, and coaches, and will follow you closely on your entire journey with us - from application to graduation.

In addition to holding lectures, our supervisors are available on-site, and provide constructive feedback on your work on a daily basis. If you ever get stuck trying to solve a problem or just need someone to bounce ideas off of, our supervisors are accessible throughout the work week, and can easily be reached with a simple message via our internal IM system.

Josef Axner


As a PSQ alumnus himself, Josef has years of experience in game development and various forms of digital art. He has previously lived and studied in Japan, and has a burning passion for Japanese arcade games from the 80’s and 90’s.

Johan Karlsson


Johan studied at PlaygroundSquad in 2007 and has worked on the games Wolfenstein: The New Order, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Syndicate. He has mainly worked with VFX and enjoys photography, craftsmanship and parkour.

Alex Untoro


Alex studied game design at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. After working as an assistant at the university, he landed at PSQ as a tutor in game design. He spends his free time playing games, learning new things, ranting and pracicing HEMA - Historical European Martial Arts!

Daniel Blomqvist


Daniel has years of experience with linux servers, high performance ad delivery servers (c ++), visualization, and web apps using python. He loves shaders and music. In his spare time he also enjoys playing music and hiking.

Tomas Jakobsson


Tomas started out as a trained electrician and industrial computer engineer but has also worked as car washer. In 2004 he studied Game Development at Dalarna University, and attended PlaygroundSquad in 2005. After graduation he got a job at Tension Graphics to create TenGine, a game engine for PlaygroundSquad. He spends his spare time fixing cars, playing games and sometimes baking a cake.

Andreas Södergren


Andreas joined Tension as a programmer after graduating from PSQ in 2014. In his spare time he likes to play games and watch series. His major interest are Spaceships and anything else space and sci-fi related.

Daniel Fredriksson

Education Manager

As education manager, Daniel keeps the S/S PlaygroundSquad afloat and makes sure we’re meeting all the requirements dictated by the vocational agency and the games industry. He has over 15 years of experience working within the Swedish primary school system, most recently as vice-principal of Söderbaumska skolan in Falun.

Magnus Björkman


Magnus is the director and founder of PlaygroundSquad – he is also the education's head master. Magnus has been a driving force in keeping Falun and the rest of Dalarna up-to-date with the digital industry for many years, and PlaygroundSquad is merely one of many initiatives with a success story.

Petra Hillbom


Administrator at PlaygroundSquad, mainly responsible for all things CSN and the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education. Petra is no gamer, but enjoys watching others play games. She also enjoys reading comic books, especially the satirical kind.

Mats Persson


Creative director with 20 years of experience in game design, graphics, and consulting. Mats takes part in developing the curriculum and occasionally joins in as a coach for game projects. Passionate about platforming, philosophy, science, and systemic design.

Emma Tranevik

Marketing & Communications

Emma is our marketing person and the one who works on our website and our social media channels. She has a background in journalism, men the interest in games took over and made her move from Stockholm to work here in Falun at PlaygroundSquad.