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Max Wijk Stranius, Tech Lead Rovio Sweden

"PlaygroundSquad really shows you how the industry and game development works. You get good theoretical and practical knowledge that's really useful to have in the industry. 

Max Wijk Stranius, Backend Engineer

Gaming code on a computer screen


Programmers learn various aspects of game programming with most work done in C++.

3D digital environment showing a tropical jungle with stones on the ground

Artists learn how to produce art for games, from initial concepts to final in-game assets.

Hands gesturing at a whiteboard

Game designers create the rules, challenges and events in games – the gameplay experience. 

Take the fastlane to working in the games industry during two years of studies, with six months dedicated to an internship.

A Playstation Controller

PlaygroundSquad is proud to be part of SCEE's leading academic development program, granting students exclusive access to their range of PlayStation development kits.

PlaygroundSquad is the only school to have a Playstation® First status on this level.

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We've been delivering top notch designers, programmers, and artists to the industry at a steady pace since 2000.

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