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Three Programmes

Artist studying

Take the fastlane to working in the games industry during two years of studies, with six months dedicated to an internship.

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Three Projects

Two students working together

Students create three games from scratch in cross-discipline teams where designers, artists, and programmers work together.

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One School

The House of Tension

We've been delivering top notch designers, programmers, and artists to the industry at a steady pace since 2000.

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Be attractive to the largest companies in the industry

Avalanche Studios DICE Goodbye Kansas King Machine Games Rovio

PlaygroundSquad is one of our most important and valuable sources of getting new talent into the game industry. 
Åsa Wilson Åsa Wilson HR Manager, AVALANCHE STUDIOS

PlaygroundSquad was definitely the gateway to the game industry for me. If you give it your all you will receive a lot in return.
Jessica Helgesson Jessica Helgesson Lead 3D Artist, EA DICE
What is most unique to PlaygroundSquad is the emphasis on console development thanks to PlayStation First, an experience you will be very fortunate to have as a graduate. 
Max Wijk Stranius Max Wijk Stranius Junior Programmer, ROVIO SWEDEN


Be part of three unique game projects

PlayStation First


Working with PlayStation allows you to prepare for work on real hardware even before your first internship, making you attractive to the industry. 

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What do you want to become?

Our three disciplines cover every entry position in the whole industry. Which one is yours?


Artist drawing digitally on a wacom

Artists learn how to produce art for games, from initial concepts to final in-game assets.

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Designers talking design at a whiteboard

Game designers create the rules, challenges and events in games – the gameplay experience. 

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Programming programmer

Programmers learn various aspects of game programming with most work done in C++.

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