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You can apply online and we welcome applicants from anywhere in the world. Applications will close May 17th for the class of 2019.

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Take the fastlane to working in the games industry during two years of studies, with six months dedicated to an internship.

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Students create three games from scratch in cross-discipline teams where designers, artists, and programmers work together.

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About PlaygroundSquad

PlaygroundSquad is a Swedish higher vocational game development school. We've been delivering top notch designers, programmers, and artists to the industry at a steady pace since 2000.

Studies are done full-time with classes held on-location in Falun, Sweden. Students may apply for financial aid (studiestöd) through CSN.

The education is two years long (400 YH points), of which a fourth is spent doing lärande i arbete (LIA) - a work placement at a games studio of your choice where you hone your skills further as a budding game developer.

What do you want to become?

Our three disciplines cover every entry position in the whole industry. Which one is yours?


Artist drawing digitally on a wacom

As a game artist you will learn how to model and texture worlds and characters for games using industry standard 3D tools. Bring your characters to life using animation or motion capture techniques, and utilize lighting, shading and effects in modern game engines.

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Designers talking design at a whiteboard

The game design discipline will teach you how to kick start your game ideas: methods and models to help spark creativity and create gameplay. You will start with the basics of game design such as prototyping your game ideas and communicating vision, and move on to more advanced ways to create interesting game worlds, maintaining balance, and implementing innovative game mechanics.

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Programming programmer

As a game programmer you will learn 2D and 3D game programming using C++ and 3D APIs such as DirectX or OpenGL. The programming discipline includes for instance mathematics, rendering, network, AI, physics, audio programming, scripting, optimization as well as code management. You also gain industry relevant experience working on Sony platforms thanks to our PlayStation First status.

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Avalanche Studios DICE King Rovio

PlaygroundSquad is one of our most important and valuable sources of getting new talent into the game industry. The students keep a high and even level of quality both in terms of skills, experience and attitude. We see strong potential in our employees from PlaygroundSquad.

Åsa Wilson Åsa Wilson HR Manager, Avalanche Studios

PlaygroundSquad was definitely the gateway to the game industry for me. If you give it your all you will receive a lot in return, and also the opportunity to meet a whole bunch of cool people that are all headed in the same direction as you.

Jessica Helgesson Jessica Helgesson Lead 3D Artist, EA DICE

What is most unique to PlaygroundSquad is the emphasis on console development thanks to PlayStation First, an experience you will be very fortunate to have as a graduate. The education is very project oriented which lets you take a lot of responsibility, solving problems in practice rather than in theory.

Max Wijk Stranius Max Wijk Stranius Junior Programmer, Rovio Sweden

Three game projects move students ahead of the curve

Students work in teams with their classmates, emulating the real games industry while bolstering their portfolios. In addition to being lots of fun, some games even go on to be published on Sony platforms.


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