Student Projects

An often highly anticipated portion of the education is whenever a game project is right around the corner. Three game projects teach students the ins and outs of working in a real production group.

Game projects are one of the absolute highlights of the PlaygroundSquad curriculum. Students are divided into groups where designers, artists, and programmers join forces to develop games of their very own, culminating in a prototype game. To this end, their supervisors assist them in planning and development when requested, but the truth of the matter is that projects at PlaygroundSquad almost run independently by the students themselves.

You can also check out all student game projects made at PlaygroundSquad.


Three game projects are part of the education - two during your first year, and one during your second year, right before the internship period.


Your knowledge is iterated on and pushed further by cycling between theoretical courses and these more practical game projects, introducing you to more advanced concepts for your specific discipline that you can put into real use.

The Process

during game projects

Starting up

When a game project is about to start, students are split into groups with students from all disciplines - artists, designers, and programmers alike - to form ass-kicking name-taking production teams. The designers in each group draft a number of game concepts as part of their regular curriculum, and the group then chooses one of these concepts to actually create.

Each group is also given a development platform, and thanks to our membership in the academic programme PlayStation First students are also given the opportunity to work on Sony platforms such as PlayStation 4.

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