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GameJam Bonanza @ PSQ!

Head image of the GamejamSquad 2023 pt.2
PlaygroundSquad Gamejam 2023

If you didn't already know, we have the most fun, innovative, and BEST students here at PlaygroundSquad. And we want to flaunt it!

Last weekend, two of our 2nd-year Game Design students, Calle & George, arranged a GameJam in their spare time for all students at PSQ. There was a large turnout, with a total of 63 students participating, and last week, we finally got to see the presentations of the games that were made during two-ish days at the PSQ grounds.

The rules of the Gamejam were as follows:

  • No paid assets may be used.

  • No sleeping in school.

  • No being drunk in school.

  • No AI-generated assets.

The games were ranked based on four different criteria:

  1. Utilization of the theme

  2. Fun factor

  3. Look & Feel

  4. Polish

The games that were produced during GameJamSquad were:

"Drift Horse, Reach Goal." Made by Meat Beaters.

"This is a satirical game based on Barsebäck, where you are a fellow hotdog man who is having a normal picnic by the Barsebäck nuclear power plant when there is a sudden reactor leak.

You have to survive until the song ends! Your mission is to shoot these critters coming out of the reactor with the ketchup gun you refill by the picnic blanket." Made by Lokvargen Studios.

"Toast-type dating sim." Made by We Boink.


"You are Skrungkle, a wild cat living in a shack, and you must defend your last bit of food against wild raccoons and scare them away!" Made by Gardeners Beyond Comprehension.

"Hasta La Vista, Bug." Made by Worry Wursts Squared.

No description. Made by marmelade.

"The world is chaos; the critters have taken over the planet. Escort Martin through the endless waves of critters trying to attack you. Don't let the critters get past you, or else Martin dies :(" Made by The Syntax Errors.

All games can be viewed, and almost all games can be played through this itch link:

Oh, and here are some photos from the fantastic presentation, including dancing, singing, and slam poetry. Did we say our students are the best?!

Thanks to TENSION, who sponsored the students with crucial snacks during the GameJam.

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