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PlaygroundSquad's Exciting Milestone: A Three-Year Education Extension!

Guess what, guys? We've got some seriously cool news to share from last week that's got us all kinds of pumped!

Our fantastic school just got the green light to extend our game development education by a whopping three years! And that's not all – we also got the thumbs up to boost our programs by 100 points and tack on an extra year. Starting this August, all PlaygroundSquad programs are leveling up to become a fantastic THREE-year experience! 🎮🔥

So, why all the excitement? Well, it's a big deal because it means more time for creativity, innovation, and honing those game dev skills that will set you up for success. 📚✨

To mark the occasion, we threw a little celebration PlaygroundSquad-style – popping bubbles that ended up leaving a fun mark on the ceiling (and on Principal Martin's face! Check out the video below. We got it all on film.)

It was our way of saying, "Heck yeah, let's do this!" (perhaps not the face thing, though.)

This extension is a testament to our commitment to giving you an awesome game development education. We're so proud of the incredible achievements of our students and everyone who makes up our PlaygroundSquad family.

As we gear up for this extended journey, you can count on us to keep delivering an outstanding learning experience that sets you up for big wins in the ever-changing world of game development.

Here's to three more years of unleashing your creativity and rocking the game development scene at PlaygroundSquad! Stay tuned for all the fun stuff coming your way. 🎓🚀

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