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PlaygroundSquad Joins the Unreal Academic Partner Program

Updated: May 9, 2023

As members of the Academic Partner Program, PSQ students are provided access to cutting-edge Unreal Engine resources, development tools, and an essential bridge between PlaygroundSquad and industry experts.

The Higher Vocational Game Development School PlaygroundSquad, with its Game Artist, Game Design, and Game Programmer Programs, has long worked within and been recognized for its work with Epic Games' Unreal Engine. Now, the school has been invited to join Epic's Unreal Academic Partner Program. The partner program brings several benefits to PlaygroundSquads' game development students, including a virtual assets library, asset management tools access, and Epic Games' Unreal Engine team support.

"Joining the Unreal Academic Partner Program opens up even more new opportunities for our students in all of our disciplines at the school. The relationship with Unreal Engine's various development tools and cutting-edge resources will build an essential bridge between the industry experts in the Unreal Engine community and PlaygroundSquad," says Martin Henriksson, Educational Manager & Game Artist Supervisor at PlaygroundSquad.

Unreal Engine is the world's most advanced real-time 3D tool used mainly in video game development. Although other industries, such as simulation, film, and television, creators across games, and more, also choose Unreal to deliver cutting-edge content and immersive virtual worlds.

"We work with long-term solid relationships and cherish the importance of collaborations. For years we've had a partnership with SONY PlayStation First Program, and being able to expand our catalog of business partnerships with Epic through the Unreal Academic Partner Program is precisely what we aim to do with PlaygroundSquad," says Magnus Björkman, CEO of PlaygroundSquad.

Through the Unreal Academic Partner Program, Epic invites those universities and schools that have committed to providing high-quality educational opportunities with experienced faculty, proven curricula, sufficient facilities, and resources to create positive outcomes for students with a variety of personal growth and career objectives.'

PlaygroundSquad has been recognized for its game development programs based on the students' deep portfolio of work and a broad roster of faculty skilled in Game Art, Game Design, and Game Programming.

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