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Final Game Project – Gold Presentations

Uppdaterat: 1 dec. 2021

It's been a while now, but our 2nd-year students had their gold presentations of their final game project and it. was. AWESOME!

If you want to check out our awesomely talented 2nd-year students, click here! 👈

There were three projects, and we've been so psyched to tell you all about them. Let's get to it:

Twisted Heights

created by The Unbalanced

This is a multiplayer puzzle game made in Unity for PC. The team wanted to create an innovative and creative idea that focused on one core mechanic. This led to Twisted Height, a unique game where all features pivot around the core.

Play as frog adventurers, looking for the ultimate treasure at the top of a very unstable, unbalanced tower. You need to spread your weight evenly, so the building doesn't fall over while solving puzzles to get higher up to the treasure. Start at the bottom of the tower and progress upwards, where each floor is a new, more challenging level.

If the tower tilts too much, it falls over, and it's game over - no treasure for the frogs.

So get your frog friends together and play this wuthering fun game!

Split Apart

created by Bisector Games

POV: You are an assistant to a magician, just being cut in half in a magic show, and the whole place starts burning. Everyone runs for their lives, leaving you alone having to get to safety - with your body split apart.

That's where this co-op puzzle platform game takes place, in a 2.5D old theatre world where you and your friend follows the two characters (torso and legs) as they travel through the magically atmospheric backstage in search of the final exit.

Work together to solve puzzles to finish the game but mind the magical portal hats and mystical mirrors, so you don't get lost on the way.

Infinite Monkeys

created by Banana Peel Interactive

Play as Willie. He's a dumb space monkey that was left behind on an alien planet by his civilization. Now he has to find the right portal that can take him home. The problem is that this alien world is full of portals, so you have to travel around and try them all, hoping that one of them will lead Willie home.

This single-player, third-person 3D puzzle platformer game grants you one superpower with Willie's character: he's immortal. Willie can come back to life after he dies, with his old selves staying within the level.

So, throw yourself at any obstacle over and over again. Try as many times as you want to figure out the solution. There's no correct answer. Be creative and have fun playing Infinite Monkeys!

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