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Gold presentation

Uppdaterat: 21 nov. 2020

Our second-year students have just finished their final game projects! Kudos to everyone who put it together.🎼

Now they're heading out on an exciting internship. We are super proud of them and want to present some of the work that our talented students have created.


is an intergalactic first-person rocket jumping game like no other!

You need to claim control points for your own team and prevent the enemy team from doing the same. To do this, you are equipped with a rocket launcher, with which you need to rocket jump to move around the level as fast as possible as well as to knock out enemy player to prevent them from capturing control points.

Throughout this game, you'll be like a cat on hot bricks.

The game is designed with four people in mind but it's possible to play up to eight. The game is developed in Unreal Engine 4 and can be played over both LAN and internet.

WARNING! May lead to quarrels Ă  la Mario Kart

Platform: Computer

Concussed was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2019: Alexander Jansson-Artist, Alexander Persson-Artist, Alfred Karlsson-Programmer, Allan-Marin Vuic-Designer, Anton Palmer-Designer, Arrjan Tarach-Designer, Chris Palmgren-Programmer, Erik Lee Öhrbom-Artist, Ida Lahti-Artist, Jimmy Lundgren-Artist, Kevin Evason-Artist, Niclas Sjöquist-Artist

Folded voices

Folded Voices is a lovely flight Simulator game.

Make your way through a children’s hospital as a paper plane to reach your friend on the other end! It is a wind-down game where you make your way through a hospital to reach the other end, where your friend is. The premise is that you are sending messages to each other via paper planes and as the player you will control the plane's journey through the relaxing gameplay.

Collect as many of the scraps of paper as possible as the reveal for what they are at the end is delightful. Folded voices is entertaining, easy, fun and unique. Overall a great gaming experience. This game's a real treat!

Platform: PC

Folded Voices was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2019: Albin Fyhr-Programmer, Alicia Geijer-Artist, Cecilia Jonsson-Artist, Daniel Wikström-Artist, Danny Edvinsson-Designer, Filip Zachrisson Hansen-Designer, Jonathan Eriksson-Designer, Kim Pardo Karlsson-Programmer, Linn Wilhelmsson-Artist, Oliver Johansson-Artist, Samanta Lundström-Designer &Teresia Andersson-Artist

Soulbound Soulbound is a cooperative 2-player action-adventure game. The players take the roles of two witches who have headed out to cleanse a haunted manor from evil spirits with the help of their soulflame. Tossing the flame between both players, solve puzzles, fight ghosts, light the altars.

It is entertaining, packed with action and well-thought-out for an overall harmonious gaming experience. As harmonious as it gets when you’re hunted by evil spirits.

Platform: Playstation & PC

Soulbound was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2019: Daniel Andersson-Designer, Daniel Olsson-Programmer, Dorothea Wunder-Designer, Emil Werf Nordquist-Designer, Gustav Pethrus-Artist, Johan Nyberg-Artist, Julia Eriksson-Artist, Martin Gullersbo Lindgren-Artist, Michelle Magnusson-Artist, Saga Lindquist-Designer, Samuel Ågren-Programmer & Sven van Wiggen-Artist.

For further reading see the following link: You can also click at the individual students to see more information about them and their work.

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