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Our first-year students very first game project!🎉

It's their gold presentation! Well done. So without further ado, we present their games below.


Nuclear Opera

Four sopranos enter, one tenor leaves.

In this Brawler game you play as an opera singer with an explosively powerful voice against up to three of your friends, in a game of King of the hill.

The four of you will fight over who gets to dominate the top of the stage by using the explosive soundwaves of your characters voices to knock down one another. When the random timer runs out, whoever has been dominating the spotlight throughout the battle will be the winner.

Key features:

· Fast-paced, Opera-themed brawler with up to four singers to choose from.

· Jump around to avoid your enemy’s attacks while using your explosive voice to steal the spotlight from them!

· Several stage hazards and power-ups to aid you in the fight for the top.

Platform: PC

Nuclear Opera was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2020: Cassandra Ohlsson-Designer, Jonathan von Letscher-Artist, Kenneth Artist, Linnea Wik-Artist, Ludwig Conradsohn-Artist, Martin Redhe Lind-Programmer, Nicklas Evaldsson-Programmer, Oliver Holgersson-Artist, Robert Nielsen-Programmer & Simon Sandberg-Designer.


Chalice wizard

2.5D, Platformer, Fast-paced, Rocket Jump, Egypt

Chalice Wizard takes place in Egypt, 1350 B.C. You are a priest, sent in the upside-down pyramid of KEK tasked to conquer the chalice of Ra in order to stop the resurrection of the dead Pharaoh Akhenaton and his obscure god.

In this quest, you will use a powerful relic given to you by the pharaoh known as the Horus staff. The staff has the power of manipulating sand around the user, which creates powerful eruptions that allow explosive movement.

Key features:

  • Explore the pyramid and survive its dangerous traps with fast-paced, precise and intuitive platforming!

  • Master the sandblast, finding new ways to surpass the obstacles and reach the goal of every level!

  • Go as fast as you can! Challenge yourself and the ones that came before you through the highly flexible leaderboard system!

Platform: PC

Team Oh god not another

Chalice wizard was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2020: Edward Tolförs-Programmer, Elias Wickander Tröften-Programmer, Erik BÀck Lindström-Programmer, Jennika Ojala-Artist, Massimo Mezzalira-Designer, Matthew Horstead-Artist, Pontus Avén Ytterholm-Designer, Pontus Larsson-Artist & Veronica Norbrink-Artist.



3D, Fast-paced, Action shooter, Superpowers.

In Resilient you play as a woman who has been kidnapped and experimented on in a secret laboratory.

Use your superpowers which were gained from the experiments to escape the laboratory and regain your freedom. Use lightning to stun and fireballs to eliminate the lab workers who are trying to capture you.

Three levels, with three enemy waves, fight like your life depends on it
Because it does!

Key features:

· Fast-paced action game where you fight multiple enemies at once.

· Drink the power-up flasks which activates your superpowers and master your fireballs and lightning to be able to escape.

· Intense music and eerie detailed art.

Platform: PC

Team Sad Lab Rats

Resilient was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2020: André Skagerud-Programmer, Dick Tran-Artist, Ekaterina Zudikhina-Artist, Johan Malmén-Artist, Leopold Collett-Designer, Linus Holmgren-Artist, Moa Cristvall-Designer, Patrik Balcerzak-Programmer, Selma Einarsdottir-Artist & Vladimir Kharin-Programmer.


Subaquatic Secrets

Subaquatic Secrets is an adventure game of exploration where you, as a small submarine will traverse the underwater caves and search for toxic waste and bring them back to the surface for disposal. Therefore, it relies heavily on the environment and the movement to make it an interesting game.

This is achieved by allowing the different objects you find, impact the submarine's total weight. Some objects make the sub float upwards while others are heavier resulting in the sub feeling heavier. While holding an object, a previous easy part of the level can now be extremely difficult to manoeuvre due to the altered forces on the sub.

Key features:

· The movement system.

· Triggers for story, underwater currents and more.

· Ping/Radar functionality.

· Collision of the main character (The Sub)

Platform: PC

Team Deep Dive Studios

Subaquatic Secrets was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2020:Adam Andersson-Designer, Altea Blomkvist-Artist, Cornee Nieuwenhuis-Programmer, Filip Lindberg-Designer, Magnus Johansson-Artist, Martin Frykler-Artist, Noa Söderlund-Programmer, Smitty Nguyen-Artist, Toni Videgren-Programmer & William Bergsmo-Artist.


Duck, Duck, Boom!

Duck, Duck, Boom! is a multiplayer, party game brawler.

Two to four players will try to survive a zombie duck apocalypse.

The players will be put in an arena where waves of zombie ducks will spawn and attack the players.

In order to survive, the players must hit the zombie ducks, this will launch them away and make them explode.

If the players get hit by a zombie duck, they will lose half a life and when all lives are consumed, they will die.

The last person standing will win the game!

Key features:

· Fast-paced gameplay with both PVP and PVE elements.

· Use the zombie duck enemies to take out the other players!

· Fight your way to victory as you watch out for explosions around you.

Platform: PC

Team Quack Pack

Duck, Duck, Boom! was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2020: Alexander Holm-Designer, Anna Olsson-Designer, Anton Hernek-Artist, Carolina Elvelin-Artist, Dennis Björk-Programmer, Ethan Johansson-Artist, Jax Carls Wattberg-Programmer & Swan Yun Eng-Artist.


Thanks for this interesting read! Until next timeđŸ’›đŸ–€ /PSQ

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