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PSQ-Alumni Julianne Olaussen! Programmer student-17

We just had an open house here at PSQ and it brings back memories of our former students. Which made us wanna' see what they're doing now! Lets meet: PSQ-Alumni Julianne Olaussen! Former Programmer student here at PSQ 2017🎉 Where do you work right now? (and with what?)

-I Work at Thunderful Skövde as a programmer.

You’re a PSQ Alumni, did you enjoy your time at PlaygroundSquad?

-Yeah my Time at PlaygroundSquad was great, so I miss it a bunch.

What was the best thing about PSQ in your opinion? -If I had to choose one thing about PSQ to say that was the best, I would say it was my classmates. One could always find support in your friends and that’s what we all became. But The teachers were also great! Always helpful if you had questions or just wanted to know if your idea was doable or not. The programmer tasks were also pretty good for me, very short and focused.

● Did PSQ prepare you well for working in the Game Industry? -Before the LIA at the end of the education I don’t think anyone can really prepare you for working in the industry. But I do think the LIA-Internship helps a ton with preparing you. The long internship is one of the things I really like about this education.

● Did you learn any go-to tricks during your time at PSQ that you see yourself using now in your career? - I don't know about any go-tos, but I do have a slight hunch of how a lot of things are usually done. Having done a thing once helps you get started when you do that thing again, and we do a lot of things when attending PSQ. You also know what mistakes you made the last time so you will always be learning.

● Would you recommend others to study at PSQ? -Yeah I would! It's a kick start into the games industry and you will make friends you would never have otherwise.

● To everyone thinking of a career within Game Development, do you have any tips or do’s and don’ts for them?

-Just to take it easy. It can be a hard place sometimes but just remember what really matters. No one knows everything, just take care of yourself.


We're happy for you and your career Julianne, and we wish you all the best!🌟

Come visit us when this pandemic is over! Lots of love from us, PSQđŸ’›đŸ–€

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