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The 1st-year students Game projects!

Our 1st-year students ended the year in the best way possible - they had their Final Presentation of their 1st Game Project! All the games were awesome (of course) but let's take a closer look at each of the games:


Made by Burning Ninjas

Make your way forward through a village that has been infected with hellish demons to end it all! Battle with your chain-sickle in this action/platformer game. Have fun in this Ninja Gaiden and Shovel Knight-inspired platformer game that focuses on a more complex and intricate combat system. Tackle obstacles (or as we like to call it: heroically murder all Japanese folklore demons) in multiple ways with your chain-sickle (your primary tool) or bombs that you throw.



Made by Team Security 404

Do you have the urge to play as a trigger-happy detective security guard, hunting a murderer in a Chinese restaurant? Well, then Guess List is the game for you!

A murderer has been let loose, and it's your job to sniff out the murderer and shoot them. Sound easy, right? Not! You have to be careful of keeping track of everyone's answer, and since people in this town are very similar, it's easy to shoot the wrong person. So have fun and good luck investigating in this FPS!



Made by Heavenly Creatures

Who knew that being a guard to the heavens would be challenging? Well, the peeps that created Star Strike made sure that it would be as hard as possible! Hellish imps are attacking the portals to heaven. You, alone, have to stop them! This game is a third-person brawler where you fly around as an angel in a 3D world, defending the heavenly gates. Defeat the beasts trying to break in, or else hell will break loose...



Made by Shapeshift Studios

Into wizards and glowing platforms? In this 2,5D Platformer, 2D perspective single-player game, you'll be able to play as a Gandalf-looking droid that can shapeshift into a glowing wolf on the hunt of restoring the order in the land. The uniqueness of Return the Order is that you can shapeshift between 3 characters that all have different strengths and weaknesses. You have to shapeshift to complete the levels in the game since they're designed to utilize the various characters, and of course, you'll need to fight some enemies too. Excelsior!



Made by Lagom Interactive

Are you a pedantic person, always returning borrowed items on time and would be stressed out if it, for some reason, would be delayed? Then this game is for you! No Book Forgotten is a single-player stealth game played in a top-down perspective. Play as a crazy meticulous librarian on the hunt for books that haven't been returned on time. Invade peoples homes, find all collectable books and get out. And of course: don't make too much noise and don't get caught. Only god knows what will happen then...

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