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Don't play with your future, play for a living. Become a Game Programmer at PSQ

Uppdaterat: 2 aug. 2023

Become the best version of yourself as a programmer. Apply to PlaygroundSquad's Game Programmer education and be tutored by our staff with over ten years of experience from the industry (that has worked on some cool games on some of the biggest studios in the world.) 

Unique access to PlayStation dev.kits

PlaygroundSquad has been awarded PlayStation First status, meaning that you will be developing your student games on PlayStation professional hardware and software (SDK).

If you want to become the best programmer you absolutely can be and also be tutored by our teachers that has over ten years of experience of working in the industry with large studios and big titles, then PlaygroundSquad is the school for you! Together we have the expertise, passion, and knowledge to make you the best programmer you can be! 


Apply by writing to us at info@playgroundsquad.comand tell us about yourself and your interest in games and relation to programming. We'll take care of the rest from there and get back to you with what you need! 

With a focus on practical learning, the programming courses (which are spread over two years) at PlaygroundSquad are carefully constructed to get you into a real production as soon as possible.

Our education holds an EQF (European Qualifications Framework) level 5 standard according to the European Commission.

If you want more information in English regarding our education, please write to us ( If you settle with information in Swedish, feel free to click around on our website. 

Job opportunities

After graduating as a Game Programmer, you're able to work as a game programmer at both large and small studios alike. More specialized roles may also be available! Most graduates will begin an entry-level position such as gameplay programmer or even as a generalist programmer at companies that don't do game development.


When applying as a Game Programmer to PlaygroundSquad, we want you to write to us at There you can write some lines about yourself, tell us about your relationship with programming and also tell us about your interest in games! And if you're not TOO cool for school, please also tell us why we should consider you as a student at PlaygroundSquad.

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