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Students Personal Project Presentation

Uppdaterat: 2 aug. 2023

Last Friday was a big day for our 2nd-year Artists students. They had been working on some personal projects for about 3 weeks, and the presentation was due last Friday - and WHAT a presentation it was.

The project was to create an environment of your own choice. It could be just as big (or small) as you wanted. Some of the students realized that it is not time that is short, but it is I who must work faster towards the deadline. Just like it is in the real world in the gaming industry where good-looking and flawless projects should preferably be finished by yesterday.

BUT, luckily for our students, we are not that harsh. Learning by doing, ey?

Luckily for us, the projects looked amazing, and fortunately, a lot of them have been published to the students Artstation, where you can browse and see the works for yourselves.

And here's the full list of our 2nd-year Artists students. 👈 Check them out!

If you're too lazy to open a new tab and search, here are a few projects:

Johan Malmén - Cobbleton Alley "I created this environment over the span of three weeks as a personal art project, at PlaygroundSquad.

My friend, Adam Andersson helped me out with the blockout and design of the signs.

Made and rendered in Unreal Engine 4. I went into the project, wanting to use a lot of Megascans in order to save on time."

Carolina Elvelin - Espirare

Ekaterina Zudikhina - Stylized farmer boy "3-week personal project

Highpoly - Zbrush, Marvelous Designer

Retopology - Maya

Texturing - Substance 3D Painter

Rendering - Unreal Engine, Marmoset Toolbag"

Ethan Johansson - First Light

"This is a 3 week personal project done at PlaygroundSquad. The modelling was mainly done in Blender, and put together in Unreal Engine 5 Early Access. The environment was inspired by old Saami food storage buildings and is a love letter to the beauty of northern Sweden. All assets are done by me, except for the flower foliage scatter which come from Megascans."

Jennika Ojala - WW2 Trench "Three week personal project at Playgroundsquad 2021. Trench built in UE4 with megascans. Tank, Various Crates and Ammo assets by Matthew Horstead. Trench gun by William Bergsmo. WW2 assets from UE Marketplace: Obstacles Barbed Wires, WWII US Equipment Set"

"Hungarian AKM variant intended for paratroopers and armored infantry, with notable changes such as a folding stock, shorter barrel, an enormous muzzle break, and a vertical foregrip attached to a combat ready cheese grater.

25k tris, split into tree texture sets (Reddot sight, magazines, and the gun itself)"

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