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Guest Lecture by Game Design guru Adam Mayes

PlaygroundSquad had the absolute pleasure of having Adam Mayes here on an e-visit.

Adam Mayes is a Senior Lecturer within Game Design and used to Subject Responsible for Game Design at Gotland Campus by Uppsala University.

Adam has been in the industry for about 20 years, spanning PS1/PC; worked on WAP games and designed the first solo game that broke the 5-minute play barrier.

PlaygroundSquads' design students (and other students) were invited to listen in to Adam Mayes talk about Game Design where he discussed MDA, analysis and different mechanics of Game Design. Also bringing up the question "What is a game?" and "What makes a horror game a horror game?"

Without a doubt, our students are now filled with new ideas and inspiration of how to create exciting games, breaking the 4th wall and where to start if you want to make a game of your own.

Thank you so much, Adam, for letting us pick that beautiful Game Design brain of yours!

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