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Game Project 2!

PlaygroundSquads first year students (2017) just finished their 9 week Game Project 2! 

We are very excited to share these trailers with you. So here we go! 

First. game - AVALANCHE

"Avalanche is a single player time attack game, set on a desert mountain. The main character, Tae, must use their earth magic to propel their rockboard forwards as fast as possible and to shape the very path they're racing on.

Your goal is simple: Make it to the end – fast!"

Second game - MAUSOLEUM

"In Mausoleum you as a player takes control of Callisto, who lost her soul to the Knight of Dominion, who wants adventurers souls in order to rule the world with an iron fist. Fight through the Knight's minions in order to climb up higher and higher in order to regain your soul!"

Third game- DIVIDED

"DIVIDED is a 2D co-op puzzle platformer made for the PlayStation 4. In DIVIDED, the goal is to work together and navigate a level by traversing into the other player's screen in order to reach places you otherwise could not. In order for the players to progress to the next level, they will have to activate the gate that they spawn at. The way to do this is by combining rune pairs that are seen on the gate. In order to combine a rune pair, the players will have to explore the level to find the correct runes, and then position them so they align and face each other in the middle of the screen. That pair will then be activated. Once all necessary rune pairs have been combined, the players can proceed to the next level by going back to the gate."

....And here's the fourth game that was made. This game also won "Best Pitch" during the Game project 2 presentations.  So here we go!


"A chaotic co-op game, where 2 players that are joined together by a rubber band must work together to reach higher levels. You can expect to grab, swing and propel yourselves using rubber-mechanics. Feeling like a mix between a high-energy Donkey Kong and Getting Over It, our co-op platformer aims to test friendships and platforming-skills."

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