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I am Sabine Rosgren, currently a Narrative Designer working at Respawn Entertainment in Los Angeles area.

Welcome to the restart of my new-but-continued blog about gaming, diversity and inclusivity and what it is like working in different countries. There might be one or two food posts, because what is a blog not mentioning food, but really I hope to share some insights I have made over the past 10+ years of adventuring through the games industry.

This is my summary:

  • Born and raised in Finland

  • Studied cellular biology one year in university, experienced moral conflicts.

  • Took a “gap year” studying Game Design at PlaygroundSquad in Falun, had the time of my life

  • Did my internship and later got hired full-time at Starbreeze Studios in Uppsala, turbulent times

  • Gameplay designer/scripter at MachineGames, unstoppable, at the top of my game

  • Moved to Canada to work for BioWare, level designer, very stubborn about finishing up Anthem

  • Moved to Los Angeles, Respawn Entertainment, and here we are. Still on that “gap year”

Current time, February 2020. Last year I had the pleasure of shipping Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and am currently also active in starting up diversity and inclusion events at Respawn Entertainment outside of my normal work.

I will share more details of my journey in future posts and hope that it will be educational and informative for anyone finding their way here.


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