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“It’s in the game industry I belong, and I have PSQ to thank for that!”

Uppdaterat: 2 aug. 2023

This is Sara Karlsson. She is a Game Designer student at PSQ and doing her internship ATM at the London based studio Terahard. Before the summer she will graduate as a Game Designer, and we have some questions for her that could be of use for you who want to study at PSQ! 

How has your time at PSQ been? 

My time at PSQ has been awesome! I’ve made many good friends and the work-like school hours fits me perfectly. With so many passionate and hardworking classmates, working and learning together has been so much fun and inspiring.

What’s been the most fun during your time as a student?

The game projects! Working hard together in a team to create a game that people end up enjoying is very rewarding.

Why is PSQ a good school within game development, you’d say?

PSQ don’t just take in the student with the highest grades; they pick out people that genuinely fits the industry and love what they’re doing.

When applying, they look at how passionate you are and gives assignments to test your skills. They also invite potential students for an interview and onsite teamwork test. I think this way of admission is way better. A school filled with passionate students will create great future workers.

Oh yeah! And the game projects! During the game projects weeks, we don’t have any other classes, so 100 % of our focus can be put into making the game. You have SO much fun and learn so many things during this time, and it also prepares you well for the industry. 

Why should people apply to PSQ?

Because PSQ creates a great environment to learn and even inspires you to learn more on your own, and because of its unique admission process of students, you’ll know that you’ll get classmate just as passionate as you are. You’ll make friends for life and learn so much!

Would you say that PSQ has helped you in finding your dream industry?

I quickly realized that the gaming industry is amazing and at PSQ I found out that game design was perfect for me. 

It’s in the gaming industry I belong, and I have PSQ to thank for that!

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