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Let's apply to PlaygroundSquad!

If you are dreaming of working with games you might know about PlaygroundSquad. This is a good first stop to get you into games and there is no reason why you shouldn't apply if this is a career you want to pursue.

The advice I want to share with you can be applied to any application process. Applying for education is easier than for a job because there are more available spots compared to you having to fight for a single job opening at a company, apply with confidence!

These are a few steps including suggestions to get you started and prepared. It can be split as 50/50 about your skills including what you are passionate about and about who you are as a person.

Use all of your available resources or create new ones

That art piece that once stood out and won a prize, that photograph you took that just turned out really well, all the calligraphy practices you've done in your journal, pick your favorites or bravely go out and create new things. However, aside from the obvious "submit your achievements" I am also talking about contacts as a resource. Do you know of a past graduate who can put in a good word? Is there an opportunity to mingle or go to open house sessions to get to know the school?

Who are you?

You have decided to apply and attached are 3D files of your projects, a level you've made, drawings etc. Anything, but a selected few pieces, to showcase your engagement and interest in the industry. But who are you as a person? At a lot of places, both school and gaming companies, it has increasingly become more important to do a culture fit check. The actual culture fit check is during the interview, but getting a head start on it is always to your advantage.

Here are a few things you can do after you have sent in your application. Do you have questions or concerns about your applications? Be proactive and reach out to the school. This establishes communication with you and the school outside of your application and you both get answers you might have asked about each other. Throw in a personal letter with your application. A personal letter should be short and sweet, don't write an essay about your life. Seriously. This is an opportunity to learn about you and why you are interested in PlaygroundSquad. Mention specific interests and help the reader understand any accomplishments that might not have been mentioned yet.


If you get as far as the interview, you are usually already very far along. Seriously, don't underestimate how far you've gotten if you get an interview! Interviews are an opportunity to get to know you, to hear it from you in person. This is the culture fit check! Note that as soon as you walk up the door and from your first interaction with someone at the school, it has already started. Relax and answer genuinely. Here are a couple of common questions you can practice or think of with your friends and family.

  1. Tell us about yourself (your interests and hobbies are always good topics)

  2. Why did you choose to apply to X?

  3. What are your biggest strengths/weaknesses?

  4. Any questions to us?

Remember, the interview is an opportunity for you as well to see if you like the school and the teachers, it goes both ways. Most of all, have fun! Go in with excitement and curiosity because this is the start of your amazing journey!

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