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Martin landed his dream job through his PSQ internship

Uppdaterat: 2 aug. 2023

Martin Larsson is a game programming student at PSQ and is doing his internship right now at Fast Travel Games, where he also will be working after his internship! We had some question for him about the internship period (also called LIA) that you might want to know before applying to PSQ! 

How is your internship? 

It's perfect! I'm doing my LIA (lärande I arbete) at Fast Travel Games, which is located at Södermalm in Stockholm. I'll be working there as a Junior Programmer since I've received employment there. During my internship, I've been doing all kinds of stuff, like smaller rendering to gameplay, and also developed software for the company. During my internship, I've felt like I'm a colleague and not a student. I've even been alone responsible for programming a few projects. I like it here. It's like you're being welcomed into a large family. 

What I find is extra fun at work is that I get to all sorts of things and the fast pace. Everyone is making their own thing in their different areas and all of the sudden you have a prototype from one of your colleagues that either is great that we can work on or being thrown out of the window. It's amusing to work fast, not so carefully, and with lots of different gameplay's.

I would recommend others to do their internship at Fast Travel Games, and I couldn't have wished for a better place to do my internship. They respect their students, and if you do a good job, there's a chance of them hiring you - like me!

Do you think PSQ did a good job preparing you for your internship?

Yes, they did since I didn't know much at all about game programming before I started at PSQ. Now I get to do stuff I can manage, but I like it better when I get to do hard things, that's was thrives you to learn even more. 

How has your time as a student at PSQ been? 

I've enjoyed my time at PSQ a lot. I like it when I get to plan and take responsibility for my work. It has explicitly taught me to take action when facing problems in working life.  PlaygroundSquad has been a motivator to get out of bed and actually do your work, and not just procrastinate. 

The game projects have definitively been the most fun. You get to work with other students and make something useful together and I personally really enjoyed the fast pace. It suits my work style.  

What is particularly good about being a programmer student at PSQ?

That you get to work by yourself, you get a lot of responsibility for your work - and that's a good thing! As a programmer, it's a good quality to be able to work independently; that's something that PSQ pushes you to do. Expect that, I also liked the wide range of knowledge you get from the education. 

I would recommend someone interested in games and technology to apply to PSQ. If you're not afraid to work hard, and if you are self-going and like to create and develop stuff — it'll fit you perfectly.  PlaygroundSquad has really helped me to land my dream job, and I wouldn't have been where I am right now if it wasn't for PSQ. 

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