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Applications for 2016 are now closed

The application round for PlaygroundSquad 2016 has now closed. Existing applicants can no longer update their applications, and for those that would like to sign up, we're now accepting applications for 2017.

We will be processing all applications for the next few weeks. You will receive an email with more information once this is done.

Feel free to give us a poke if you have any questions, or if you've any last-minute critical corrections to your application you'd like to do - we'll try to accommodate you. In special circumstances we can also grant you the ability to move your application "backwards" to the 2016 round, if you're speedy enough about it. Either way, contact us for such matters.

We wish all applicants good luck, and if you didn't apply this year, you can always sign up for 2017 now.

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