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Respawn 10 year anniversary

Uppdaterat: 2 aug. 2023

Update: Since my posting last week there has been more official announcements of Respawn reaching a decade, glorious!

Original posting: A humble tweet from Vince Zampella, head and founder of Respawn Entertainment, mentioned the 10 year anniversary of the studio yesterday. Celebrating this “properly” (physically together) is however challenging as we are still working from home and taking precautions against COVID-19.

Respawn was funded by Jason West and Vince Zampella in 2010, both previously having established Infinity Ward. Currently Vince Zampella is the only one of the founders left and Respawn Entertainment is celebrating 10 incredible years!

Throughout these 10 years the studio first kicked off with the beloved Titanfall franchise in 2014. Titanfall 2 followed two years after in 2016 and then there were new grounds to explore with Apex Legends at the beginning of last year, 2019 and finally the game I joined to take part in, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at the end of 2019. Outside of these games there’s an ongoing VR project, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond coming soon. Simply said, at this time Respawn has a bit of everything! Battle Royale, single player experiences and VR, an impressive mix for one studio.

Although there is no physical celebration, Respawn commemorated the occasion in a way to the fans with the release of the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order free update, released on Star Wars day May 4th, and Apex Legends Season 5 Loba cinematic trailer, which is awe strikingly powerful and gorgeous.

Big congratulations to 10 years in the industry and echoing what Vince said, raising the glass for at least 10 more!

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