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RUCKUS RUMBLE out now on PlayStation Store!

In Ruckus Rumble 2-4 players fight each other using swords, shields and a versatile set of special abilities. Ruckus Rumble is a local PVP game, meaning everyone is playing against each other in front of the same screen. This leads to laughter, screams and the kind of social interaction associated with classic board games.

 The game is playful and whimsical, yet hectic and unforgiving. What starts out as a friendly and jovial challenge, can quickly turn into a maelstrom of malicious gloating and personal vendettas – just like a good board game!

 Ruckus Rumble was created by students at PlaygroundSquad in Falun, Sweden. PlaygroundSquad has educated in the field of game development since the new millennium, and is part of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s unique academic game development programme, PlayStation®First, which provides education partners with access to PlayStation development hardware and the opportunity to publish on the PlayStation®Network.

 The release of Ruckus Rumble stands as testament to the relevance of practical-oriented education in the field of game development.

 Luke Savage, Senior Academic Development Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment, says:

“What better calling card is there for any young game developer than to show off their first game published on PlayStation?  PlayStation First is all about inspiring the next wave of talented developers, and Ruckus Rumble is a great showcase of what students at PlaygroundSquad are capable of.” 

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